until i say i do


Prior to taking off on this design adventure, I want to know what style you envision for your big day! I want to create something that is symbolic to you and your fiancé's style. Once I have a handle on how you fell "head over heals" for each other, I will get to work on designing your wedding suite. I will create your suite using a perfected palette, hand picked typefaces, unique patterns and other memorable elements. 


the process


01/ Couples Style

The "digging deep phase": I want to know everything there is to know about how you fell in love. During this phase I want to hear all the "mushy gushy" stuff. Once I know all about who you are, what you like to do, and where you came from, I'll begin the next phase. 


04 / create

The fun stage: This is where I get to channel all of my creative energy into creating something that is symbolic to you. Usually this stage requires good music, a lot of coffee, and a little Pinterest inspiration. Once I have created something that is worthy of praise, I will polish it off and send it your way! 


02/ The Elements

Standard invitations include 5 separate pieces; the actual invitation, the RSVP card, RSVP envelope, accommodations card and the invitation envelope. During this phase, we will discuss envelope colors, design elements, paper stocks and printing methods. 


05/ Address printing

The Mrs., Ms., Miss, Mr. Phase: Send over that excel file that you have put your blood, sweat and tears into creating. Who knew that you knew so many people. Am I right? I will save you hours of pain staking hand cramps and spelling mistakes by printing directly on your envelopes. 


03/ My Proposal to you

Wouldn't it be nice if all things in life were free? I will work diligently within your budget to maximize your invitation potential. I will put together a proposal once we have decided on your invitation elements and then all it takes is a signature and deposit! 


06/ Special Delivery

This is where the long days of waiting pay off as you open your perfectly packaged box of wedding invitations ready to be placed in mailboxes. The sight of your names pressed across the plush card stock almost bring a tear to your eye as you stop and think... this is really happening.  



common creations

Don't be shy... the crazier the vision, the better! 

  • Save The Dates

  • Wedding Invitation Suite

  • Ceremony Programs

  • Escort Cards


  • Place Cards

  • Individual Menus

  • Thank You Cards

  • Personalized Gifts


  • Signage

  • Bar Signs

  • Buffett Menu

  • Destination Maps


what are my options?

Printing Methods.png


A technique dating back to 1500 AD. Using photopolymer plates, your design is pressed into paper using Pantone color ink. This process runs on the pricier side because of the craftsmanship and labor required. 

F O I L  P R I N T I N G

Using heated magnesium dies, designs are pressed into paper. This method is great for printing shiny metallics and printing in white on colored paper. This process also requires photopolymer plates and is not available for envelope addressing.

F L A T  P R I N T I N G

This is your most traditional and cost effective form of printing. Full color coverage printing on a varition of different paper stock options. This printing method offers the quickest return. 



the fine print

All packages are personalized to your wedding style & needs.

Our designs range from simple to over the top.

Pricing is dependent on quantity, style, materials & more. We will work with you to determine the most important elements that will fit within your budget. 


Custom Design Just For You

Brand Style Sheet

Digital Printing on Preferred Stock

Unlimited Revisions

Over 200 Envelope Options

Printed Guest Addressing


Postage (unless customized) 


Invitation Assembly