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how it works


01/ envision

The "digging deep phase": I want to know everything there is to know about your business and how it came to be. During this phase we will analyze your current brand position, discuss your business goals and research your target market. Once we have agreed on the best possible solution for your success, I'll begin the next stage. 

02 / create

The fun stage: This is where I get to channel my creative energy and brand research into creating something unique to you. Usually this stage requires good music and a lot of coffee. Once I have created something that is worthy of praise, I will polish it off and send it your way! 

03/ Launch

The most exciting stage: This is where the anxiously waiting client receives the design concept I have created. As I sit on pins and needles and await your response, you'll now have a chance to tweak and critique. Once all is approved and ready for go, I will package it up and prepare it for launch! 


common creations

Don't be shy, I do much more, you just have to ask! 

  • Logo Design

  • Business Card Creation
  • Website Design

  • Brochure Creation


  • Booklets

  • Print Marketing 

  • Real Estate Marketing

  • Order Forms

  • Package Design

  • Business Stationery

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing 


you may have seen my work

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